Hogar El Camino Children’s Home

The focus of Serving Paraguay’s ministry efforts is Hogar El Camino,  a children’s home located in Itauguá, Paraguay.  Hogar El Camino is dedicated to the restoration and development of children that have been legally abandoned by or removed from their families.

Hogar El Camino Logo

While there are many institutions for neglected and orphaned children around the globe, Hogar El Camino is unique in that we strive for the children in our care to experience the transformational power of a loving, Christian family and community. At Hogar El Camino, there are ten houses located on forty acres, and at this time Christian couples serve as parents in these homes, with eight children placed in their full-time care. Currently, three homes house up to 8 children and their house parents.  Two additional homes house aging-out youth ages 17 and up.  These youth are part of the “Pasos” program, which prepares them to become independent, training them in life skills and personal finances.

Hogar El Camino receives children who have been abandoned, orphaned, or removed from their parents due to abuse or neglect.  The children participate in worship services in local church congregations with their house parents and enjoy daily devotions with their house parents. Each child receives weekly or bi-weekly counseling, attends our private school located on-site, and older children are able to participate in vocational training in our garden, bakery, farm, and in the community.

With our family model, Hogar El Camino feels far more like a neighborhood than an institution.  The goal is that these children who were once overlooked by society will become the Christian leaders who transform the future of Paraguay!