New Path Christian School

In order to equip our children for the future, we operate the New Path Elementary, Middle, and High School. We seek to provide a quality education to the children of Hogar El Camino, as well as for those from the surrounding impoverished community. In our 2011 inaugural school year, we had sixty-five community children attending classes along with the thirty children from our homes in kindergarten through eighth grade.  In our 2018 school year, we currently have more than 290 children enrolled in preschool version-actual-colegio-tape-pyahu-logo-pngthrough 12th grade.

Through the sponsorship of local churches and businesses, we are able to Colegio Tape Pyahuoffer every elementary school student a snack during their school day, providing an important source of nutrition for each child.  Our middle and high school students  are served a nutritious lunch. All of the teachers in our school are certified, Christian teachers dedicated to not only teaching the curricular basics to the children, but also to teaching them the importance of a relationship with Jesus Christ and of learning God’s Word.

Through an integrated Christian education, we strive to reach not only the children in our school with the good news of our Savior, but also their families.  Every Friday, our elementary school children participate in the AWANAS Bible Memory Program.  Our middle and high school students have a weekly chapel service.  Volunteer missionary teachers allow every child in the school to have English class three times weekly.  With quality education and character formation, we know we will see an entire community, city, and country changed for the glory of God. If you would like to partner with us to provide an education for one child, the cost is $35 a month. Email us at for more information.  You can give online here.