NEED SPOTLIGHT: Give to help replace the roofs on one of our auxiliary buildings at Hogar El Camino:

  1. Office building ($10,000- housing the offices of our psychologist, social worker, home director, administrator, bakery, and clothing closet)
  2. Multipurpose building ($5,770- home to Milciades, maintenance, and track and field teams)
  3. School director’s home ($1,340)
  4. Guard house / front gate ($1,175) 


Sponsor a house of children at Hogar El Camino for $2,400 a month, or
Sponsor the care and needs of one child in Hogar El Camino for $350 a month.

Sponsor a student at The New Path Christian School for $35 a month.

Donate to cover our most urgent needs this month, or
Give a reoccurring monthly gift of $50 or $100 to cover our greatest needs in the homes and school each month.

Click below to make a tax-deductible donation online:

Or, tax-deductible donations (payable to “Serving Paraguay”) may be mailed to:

Serving Paraguay
P.O. Box 2473
Broken Arrow, OK 74013

Contact us at for more information.